148. Only Jesus Gets to Tell You Who You Are

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Remember in last week’s podcast episode when we alluded to how you can often pre-decide a negative narrative about yourself and you can let that cloud all your interactions with others? Instead of hearing their kind words or assuming they are sharing something out of love, you hear and see everything through the lens of a negative narrative.

In this week’s podcast episode, Jesse and discuss this more in-depth. We talk about lies we’ve believed, how these have colored our viewpoints, and how believing these lies have kept us from living in freedom and joy.

We share more what it looks like to truly take to heart the quote from Charles Martin that says, “Only Jesus gets to tell you who you are.”

In this podcast, we also give you an update on Baby D’s surgery and the incredibly surprising results of his surgery. We also tell you about a great idea Jesse came up with that has been saving our lives, we talk about Aldi grocery delivery, and about a book I recently listened to.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show. We have lots to share with you today.

[01:23] – Today we want to talk about replacing the lies with truth and how only Jesus gets to tell you who you are.

[01:29] – But before we get into that, it was a big week for Baby D!

[06:43] – We had prepared ourselves that he was going to have severe hearing loss for all his life.

[09:04] – For the first time in his life, he is able to hear! He’s learning all sorts of new things as a result!

[11:28] – I just finished listening to a book by Charles Martin.

[12:56] – What’s saving my life this week: Aldi grocery delivery.

[14:20] – Jesse’s brilliant purchase that is saving our life!

[17:39] – Lies versus truth and how this can impact your life.

[18:44] – Jesse, are there lies that you have believed, that you have seen how it’s just had such a negative impact on your life?

[21:06] – In Christ, we can do all things!

[23:41] – If we let what other people think of us be where our worth and value is, it’s never going to be enough

[27:59] – What does Jesus actually say about you?

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