The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go.

Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, I my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go."

Crystal is a wife, mom of 6, speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding

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261. Things We Wish We Knew Before Having an Adult Child

Powered by RedCircle Recently, I mentioned something on Instagram about how having an adult child is wonderful and also there are new challenges as your kids get older and grow wings and fly. This resonated with so many people that I ended up turning my thoughts into an Instagram post. And then it inspired us…

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260. Simple Rules to Decorate Your Home No Matter Your Style or Budget (with Myquillyn Smith)

Powered by RedCircle Myquillyn Smith was my very first in-person guest to ever have on the show — back in 2018! (Listen to episode 12.) And because I loved the in-person experience so much, we decided to ultimately only have in-person guests on the podcasts! She’s also someone I’ve known for years and years through…

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259. Going to College Debt-Free: Our Best Tips & Strategies

Powered by RedCircle I recently shared a blog post on How to Graduate College Debt-Free. This post sparked so many discussions via comments and messages on my blog and through social media that I wanted to explore the topic more in-depth with Jesse on a podcast.  This is not a podcast saying that every single…

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258. How We’re Processing Having Back-to-Back Seniors

Powered by RedCircle Today’s episode is on a topic that was requested by a follower! Jesse and I share what it’s been like navigating back-to-back senior years with our daughters, Kathrynne and Kaitlynn! It has been a whirlwind of emotions and logistics and Jesse and I are opening up about our experiences – the highs,…

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257. Simple Systems That Keep Us Sane

Powered by RedCircle Do you ever feel like you’re just barely keeping your head above water? If so, this episode of The Crystal Paine Show is for you! Jesse and I have been married for 21 years and we’ve learned and grown a lot in those years — and tried a lot of different things…

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256. Micah’s Unexpected Hospital Stay

Powered by RedCircle This episode is a reminder to trust your God-given intuition. If you feel something is wrong or off, get it checked out. In this podcast, we share the story of Micah getting really sick recently and how it ended up landing him in the hospital. We got so many questions from you…

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255. Answering your burning questions on marriage

Powered by RedCircle Join Jesse and I this week as we sit down together for a personal episode where we tackle some burning questions submitted by followers on Instagram and share some life updates. (Including a story about a recent travel mishap where we ended up locked out of our own house at 2 a.m.!!)…

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254. Kaitlynn’s trip to Singapore and Indonesia

Powered by RedCircle This week’s podcast guest is Kaitlynn (my 16-year-old!) who is here to discuss the details of her unforgettable trip to Singapore and Indonesia! Join us as Kaitlynn shares exclusive insights into her trip, talks about why she chose to go on this trip, and all the highlights (and a few lowlights) of…

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253. How to Build Belonging in a World of Loneliness (with Chris and Julie Bennett)

Powered by RedCircle There were tears and there was laughter on this episode of the podcast, because we talked about the vulnerable (and sometimes difficult!) topic of belonging. And my guests were  Chris and Julie Bennett, the authors of Fighting for Family: The Relentless Pursuit of Building Belonging. As the title of their book would…

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252. Silas and Jesse share about their trip to DC

Powered by RedCircle Silas makes his formal debut on the podcast this week by joining Jesse and me to share about their trip to DC. He’s joined in on a few podcasts in the past when he was much younger and didn’t say much, so I’m excited for you to get to hear more from…

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