The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go.

Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, I my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go."

Crystal is a wife, mom of 6, speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding

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269. My honest experience with wearing an Oura ring

Powered by RedCircle Today’s topic is one that has come highly requested: an honest review of my experience wearing an Oura Ring. I have been wearing mine since February, and it’s impacted me much more than I ever imagined! If you’re curious about what an Oura Ring is, think of it as a high-tech Fitbit…

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268. Finding Hope and Forgiveness After Horrific Pain (with Davey Blackburn)

Powered by RedCircle Welcome back to the show, everyone! I am so thrilled to welcome Davey Blackburn to the show this week! Davey is the author of Nothing Is Wasted: A True Story of Hope, Forgiveness, and Finding Purpose in Pain, and he joins me in the studio to discuss his journey. Davey’s journey began…

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267. Newsy Summer Updates + 3 Shows We’ve Watched Recently

Powered by RedCircle Jesse and I are sharing some fun and newsy summer updates, a baking experiment that is all the rage on Instagram, + some engaging documentaries we’ve watched recently. We don’t watch much in the way of shows during the school year, but we usually watch more TV, movies, and shows in the…

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266. Why We Encourage Our Kids to Wait to Date

Powered by RedCircle This week’s episode dives into a topic that many of you have asked about: how we’re approaching dating with our kids. Jesse and I previously shared our general dating guidelines, but as our teens have gotten older, we wanted to share more that we’ve learned as we have put those principles into…

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265. Routines and schedules: do they serve you or enslave you?

Powered by RedCircle Well, we recorded this episode at the latest time we’ve ever recorded a podcast episode — past 10 p.m.! We found a window of time to record this before our family trip to Missouri to pick up Silas from camp, followed by his big baseball tournament in Mississippi! Jesse has been getting…

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264. Our Top 20+ Favorite Audiobooks

Powered by RedCircle This week’s podcast episode covers a much-requested topic: our favorite audiobooks! Summer is a great time for reading and listening to more books — especially with road trips and/or just a slower schedule. And if you listen regularly to the podcast, you know we love audiobooks. Whether you’re looking for a way…

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263. Our Goals for a Slowed Down Summer

Powered by RedCircle This week, join us on the podcast as we share our goals for this summer! You might recall from our recent episodes our theme for the summer is a Slowed Down Summer. Today, we’re talking more about what we plan for that to look like and the specific goals I set for…

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262. What Autism Has Taught Me About Limits & the Goodness of God (with Jessica Hurlbut)

Powered by RedCircle There are certain conversations and interviews that I know after having them, they will stick with me for a long time to come. This episode with Jessica Hurlbut, author of Unlimited Motherhood: Overcome 12 Limits That Overwhelm and Conflict Our Hearts, is one of those. It touched and challenged me deeply… and…

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261. Things We Wish We Knew Before Having an Adult Child

Powered by RedCircle Recently, I mentioned something on Instagram about how having an adult child is wonderful and also there are new challenges as your kids get older and grow wings and fly. This resonated with so many people that I ended up turning my thoughts into an Instagram post. And then it inspired us…

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260. Simple Rules to Decorate Your Home No Matter Your Style or Budget (with Myquillyn Smith)

Powered by RedCircle Myquillyn Smith was my very first in-person guest to ever have on the show — back in 2018! (Listen to episode 12.) And because I loved the in-person experience so much, we decided to ultimately only have in-person guests on the podcasts! She’s also someone I’ve known for years and years through…

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