159. I got caught in the comparison trap!

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Last night, I was scrolling on my phone and came across the social media account of someone I used to follow years ago. They are in a similar niche as me and back when I followed them, they had a lot fewer followers than me. But in the last few years, their account has clearly blown up and they had hundreds of thousands more followers than me. Plus, as I was scrolling through their account, I saw that they had super high engagement numbers and interaction.

Instead of being immediately excited for them, I confess I started thinking about how I’m really dropping the ball in being strategic and creative in what I’m posting & that I need to step up my game so I can be growing more online and seeing more engagement like this other person.

And then it hit me: God has called me to be building into and growing other things the past few years — my home, growing as a person, nurturing and loving on the people in my home (and even growing tiny humans!)

I might not have seen a huge increase in followers the past few years, but I’ve spent hours and hours rocking little babies and speaking life to them… and that is very important work.

I might not have seen the crazy engagement numbers that other people have, but I’ve spent the last few years building deep relationships with my older kids and loving two birth mamas and their babies… and that is very important work.

The work that God has called me to right now might not be measurable in numbers that society and experts would consider important (such as accolades, income, awards, product sales, follower count, etc.)… but it matters far more than any of those measurable numbers.

No matter what we’re doing (or not doing), it’s easy to look around and compare our lives to others.

But God hasn’t called you or me to her life. He’s called us to our life.

We’re not supposed to do what she’s doing. We’re called to be faithful where God has us — even if no one sees or notices or thanks us. He sees. He notices. That’s what matters.

All the awards and applause and accolades, all the numbers and name recognition, all the income and opportunities in the world… they don’t hold a candle to faithfulness.

In this episode, we also share about books we’re reading, a Spotify playlist I’ve been loving, and a meal-service we’ve been loving.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:15] – We talk about books we’re reading and one I recently read that I just don’t know what I think of it.

[06:44] – A Spotify playlist I recently put together with Truths to Remember.

[09:30] – Switching to Spotify and listening to podcasts has freed up a lot of Jesse’s phone space.

[10:17] – Jesse shares about a meal service he’s been enjoying.

[16:13] – My experience with comparison.

[17:58] – I should have been excited and celebrating this person’s success, instead I went to a negative space.

[20:43] – It was just such a reminder to me that no matter what we’re doing, or not doing, it’s easy to look around and compare our lives to others.

[22:30] – A seemingly small thing done in love, faithfulness, and consistency — it’s not small!

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