182. Start with Hello: Simple Ways to Build Community (with Shannan Martin)


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I loved this week’s podcast conversation with Shannan Martin on the topic of building connection in our communities. My favorite quote of the entire episode was, “The only thing you need to practice hospitality is a glass of water.” Meaning: opening up your door and offering a glass of water is really all it takes. (Or, meeting on the back porch, or at the park, or at a coffee shop — as we talk about in this episode.)

If you need some inspiration for simple ways you can build deeper relationships or are scared of putting yourself out there and inviting people and then getting rejected or hurt, you won’t want to miss this episode. Shannan’s insights and honesty — as an introvert who is not naturally wired for hospitality — inspired me so much.

In This Episode

[00:35] – Shannan Martin is today’s guest! [04:24] – Is it possible to create community if we are introverted? [08:09] – What to do if you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and getting hurt or rejected? [10:13] – Don’t just befriend or reach out to people who are similar to you. [12:50] – What’s a good first baby step to building community? [18:38] – Hot-mess-pitality vs. hospitality [24:42] – What does hospitality look like for Shannan now that her kids are teenagers? [27:05] – Setting boundaries while keeping the door easy on its hinges. [30:16] – The importance of asking for help.