185. Every Moment Holy (with Douglas McKelvey)

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This week’s podcast is a conversation with Douglas McKelvey — a screenwriter, songwriter, and author of several books including Every Moment Holy — a book of prayers for every day life. In this episode I share how Every Moment Holy and the prayers in it have impacted me and I get to ask him the questions I’ve always wondered. Doug shares the story behind why he wrote this book of prayers, how he decided which topics to tackle, and where he found the inspiration.

I love how he challenges us to make prayer such a backbone of our every day life — and that there is no task that is too menial that we can’t bathe in prayer.

In fact, one of the parts of Every Moment Holy that I love so much is that there are prayers for so many seemingly mundane aspects of life, such as washing windows, home repairs, morning coffee, and sick days to name a few! We close the episode with Doug sharing the beautiful prayer he wrote for the start of your day.

In This Episode

[01:26] – I share about why I said yes to this interview and why I love this book. And I ask Doug to share more about himself.

[03:58] – What was the inspiration behind Every Moment Holy?

[08:30] – Some examples of the topics of prayers from the book.

[12:34] – Doug tells us a funny story behind the book’s creation.

[15:14] – How were the prayers crafted?

[19:00] – What does it look like for Doug to bring God into everything he does?

[23:37] – How the success and excitement around Every Moment Holy has completely blown away all expectations.

[27:02] – Why we should step out and not say no — and how it can be the start of a story far beyond what we could imagine!

[31:02] – Doug reads aloud his liturgy for first waking.