193. The Long-Awaited Adoption Day (all the details)!

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As promised in last week’s episode, we are giving more detail today about the newest addition to our family whom, after fostering for 21 months, we have officially adopted!

We have been referring to him as Baby D on social media and on the podcast, but we are now finally able to reveal that his name is David, and we touch upon the Biblical significance of his name and how it coincidentally (given that his mom named him) follows our pattern of boys’ names.

In this episode, we share a lot of never-before-shared stories of David’s early months in our home and share about our interaction with his mom. Although we are sad that reunification was ultimately not an option, we also are so grateful for the gift of David.

Be sure to check out my Instagram page if you want to see pictures from the ceremony!

In This Episode

[00:35] – Introducing this episode.

[01:15] – Jesse reveals Baby D’s name.

[03:11] – Hear how his name follows our predetermined pattern of boys’ names.

[05:19] – Jesse shares how he felt about adoption day.

[07:15] – We never sought this; we went into foster care knowing that adoption isn’t the goal.

[12:21] – David’s biological mother always assumed that we were going to adopt him.

[14:58] – Jesse explains why we kept David’s middle name.

[16:40] – We shift the conversation toward the adoption ceremony.

[19:26] – Hear about the actual adoption itself.

[20:46] – I touch upon one of the most special moments of the adoption day.

[23:42] – Knowing that David is our legal son still feels surreal.