2. How to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed (with Jennifer Dukes Lee)

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Today’s show is packed with all sorts of goodness: I’ve got something on my heart that I want to share about friendship, I’m going to tell you about a new money-saving Facebook Group we just started, we’re going to discuss school lunches (since this is a topic many of you have asked me about!), and I want to tell you about a fiction audiobook I recently finished and enjoyed.

In This Episode:

[01:24] – I get real honest and speak to that woman who feels like, “I can’t make any friends! I try so hard, but it never goes anywhere.”

[05:35] – Breaking news! We now have a Facebook Group for MoneySavingMom.com followers! Come join the fun right here.

[07:35] – What’s saving my life right now? Having my kids pack their own lunches! I talk about my big visions of how this was going to work and the reality of how it actually is working for us. 🙂

[09:56] – My book pick for this week: Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden.

[11:23] – Jennifer Dukes Lee is my guest for this episode and I’m so excited to introduce her to you if you don’t know her already. All three of her books have profoundly impacted me.

[14:05] – So many women feel overwhelmed by all of the things they feel like they need to have, have to do, and should do. Jennifer shares practical ways that help you when you feel really overwhelmed with life.

[16:11] – I love Jennifer’s highly actionable advice on how to know what you should delegate, dismiss, and do.

[19:41] – Because I’ve got your back, I play devil’s advocate and asks what Jennifer would say to a woman who’s afraid of offending someone or hurting a relationship by saying “no.” Her advice is so spot-on and convicting to me!

[23:31] – Jennifer shares a book she’s reading and talks about how much she’s falling back in love with a paper calendar, specifically the GraceLaced 17-month Planner by Ruth Simons.

[27:31] – I answer a really vulnerable question from a listener on how to stop spending so much time on your phone and actually get up and get stuff done. (Have a question you’d love for me to answer on the show? Email it to: crystal @ moneysavingmom.com)

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