205. Trading Fear & Anxiety for Unshakeable Peace (with Katie Davis Majors)

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Today’s guest has deeply impacted my life, so it is such an honor having her on the show. Katie Davis Majors’ book Kisses from Katie had a profound impact on me when I read it years ago, and she now has a brand new book out, Safe All Along.

Katie’s story of moving to Africa right out of high school, starting a nonprofit (Amazima Ministries), and eventually adopting 13 girls while living in Uganda is incredible and you can’t help but be moved in hearing it. And you would think she must have a rock solid faith and never struggle with fear or anxiety. But that’s not the case.

In this episode, she shares openly about her struggle with anxiety. We talk about what she has learned through it, how even writing this book was a challenge, and what it looks like to entrust our kids to God, even when the world feels so full of unknowns and scary things. I loved how she practically shared what it looked like for her recently to walk through a situation where she found herself spiraling into psychoanalyzing a situation.

Katie also gives some helpful advice on how to find time during your day to devote to God and be with Him — something that I found so helpful because she definitely knows what it’s like to have a full house and be pulled in many different directions! Her deep faith — despite her journey with anxiety and so much upheaval in her life in the past two years — shines through in this conversation and I love how she pointed us back to Jesus and to the truths of God’s Word again and again.

In This Episode

[00:35] – Today’s guest has deeply impacted my life.

[01:49] – Katie shares some background information about herself and her family.

[07:34] – Learn about Katie’s journey struggling with anxiety.

[14:43] – The hardest thing that Katie has to trust God with is her children.

[17:48] – What it looks like to replace fear with trust in God.

[20:28] – Katie emphasizes that her process is not a magical fix-all.

[21:41] – How to interrupt her anxious thoughts.

[22:50] – Katie has gotten into the habit of asking God questions.

[27:04] – How does Katie find time to spend time in God’s Word?