206. How Do I Get My Spouse to Change Their Mind?

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I have been getting a lot of questions lately asking for advice on how to get your spouse on board with your budget plan and/or how to get them to stop spending too much money, so we decided to address that on the podcast today.

I share some of the questions and comments that listeners have sent in and offer some advice, such as implementing what I call the three C-O-Ms – (1) compassion, (2) communication, and (3) compromise.

When it comes to getting your spouse on board with an idea of yours, such as wanting them to be on the same budget plan as you, the idea should not actually be to get them onto your board but rather to create a whole new board together that you stand on together.

At the end of the day, you can only truly change yourself. You can’t entirely change someone else, and that’s part of the reason why doing things together is so important. I hope that this discussion is helpful to you!

In This Episode

[00:35] – Discover that today’s topic is how to get your spouse on your budget.

[01:49] – Kaitlynn has been learning to drive!

[06:11] – I have been doing a series on Instagram about what I am loving on Wednesdays.

[10:10] – I am reading Every Woman a Theologian by Phylicia Masonheimer.

[12:26] – Jesse just finished reading Leadership as an Identity by Crawford Loritts.

[13:30] – I am on day 11 of 75 Hard!

[14:31] – Learn how I have modified 75 Hard for my own needs and limitations.

[18:02] – Jesse argues that looking at food as fuel requires a mindset shift.

[19:10] – I move into talking about how to get your spouse on board with your idea.

[21:27] – I discuss the importance of compassion in a marriage.

[23:09] – Hear me give an example of how I struggled with listening.

[24:57] – I address why communication is essential.

[27:30] – My third point is compromise.

[30:36] – Jesse argues that the key word of this whole episode is together.

[32:59] – The only person you can truly change is yourself.


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