207. How God Brings Beauty & Purpose to Your Story (with Anne Neilson)

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I am so honored to have Anne Neilson on today’s show! Anne has a brand new book out titled The Brushstrokes of Life: Discovering How God Brings Beauty and Purpose to Your Story, and she joins me today to discuss her life such as her general background, her family, how her childhood was a bit difficult and rocky, how she became interested in art, and more.

Anne is very candid about how she spent a good portion of her life feeling unworthy of pursuing her dreams and touches upon how she has worked to overcome that, giving really inspirational advice to any listeners who might be struggling with something similar. She also offers up some beautiful examples of how God has been a source of guiding light for her.

If you have a passion in your heart and a calling to do something creative such as painting but struggle with feeling like you aren’t good enough to pursue it, like you don’t have what it takes, then this conversation with Anne Neilson is for you! Be sure to also check out The Brushstrokes of Life to dive even deeper into Anne’s story!


In This Episode

[00:35] – Today’s guest is Anne Neilson!

[01:33] – Anne shares some background information about herself with us.

[02:47] – Anne discusses how she got interested in art.

[04:02] – Learn about some difficulties during Anne’s childhood.

[06:07] – Anne’s ability to be creative as a child was a bit stifled.

[07:34] – Hear about Anne’s life in her twenties.

[10:04] – How has Anne worked to overcome feeling unworthy?

[12:23] – Anne gives advice to anyone who is afraid to pursue a dream.

[14:23] – Anne takes us back to when she turned thirty.

[17:33] – Anne still has to surrender regularly.

[18:57] – What does being still look like to Anne?

[21:45] – Hear Anne read a quote from the first chapter of her book.

[22:51] – Anne encourages us that we are never too broken.

[26:23] – How has God been a guiding light in Anne’s life?


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