212. How to Help Your Kids Have an Intentional Summer

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Want to help your kids be more intentional with their summer? In this podcast episode, Jesse and I share 10 questions to ask your kids to help them come up with some great ideas to be more intentional with their time this summer.

Use these questions as a springboard to set goals or just to get yours kids’ creative juices flowing! It’s summer vacation for a lot of kids right now, and because of that, I have been getting a lot of questions from parents who are feeling overwhelmed having their kids home, not knowing what to do to keep them occupied. We are covering that today, providing ten questions that you should ask before summer. These questions are to mainly help your kids make a summer goals list so that they have things to do and things to accomplish.

Boredom can be a really good thing, so if you have kids who complain throughout the summer months of being bored, use it as an opportunity to help them come up with a list of goals that they want to achieve throughout the summer. Again, Jesse and I walk you through ten questions to ask your kids to help them plan for the summer, including but not limited to what they want to learn, where they want to go, who they want to help, what they might want to read or cook, and so much more!

These are just ten examples of many, many questions that could be asked. If you have other ideas, please feel free to reach out!

In This Episode

[00:35] – Feeling overwhelmed by having kids home over summer?

[01:55] – Hear some family updates.

[04:16] – Kathrynne invited over 170 people to her graduation party!

[07:32] – Things will be slowing down for us next week.

[09:03] – I have been reading Listen to Your Day by Paul Angone.

[10:41] – Learn what has been saving my life.

[13:36] – The deodorant that I’ve been using is at a great price.

[15:48] – Boredom can be a good thing.

[17:20] – The first question: what’s one thing I want to learn how to do?

[17:41] – What is a new idea I want to try?

[18:34] – What do I want to read?

[19:04] – Where is one place I want to go?

[19:55] – Who would I like to help?

[20:22] – What life skill do I want to learn and/or practice?

[20:55] – What do I want to learn to cook or bake?

[22:55] – What would I like to organize better?

[23:26] – What goal would I like to accomplish?

[24:03] – The final question: what is a business venture I’d like to take?

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