216. Jesse’s Perspective on IBLP

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You may recall from a couple of episodes ago our conversation in which we shared our thoughts on the Shiny Happy People docu-series. That episode was very unplanned and off-the-cuff, so we thought that we would do a follow-up episode because we got a lot of feedback wishing that they had heard more from Jesse.

I am therefore doing my best to let Jesse lead this conversation so that you can hear more of his perspective surrounding the docu-series. Jesse shares how even though he wasn’t directly in the IBLP/ATI program, his church was heavily influenced by it, so listen in as Jesse shares details of his own experience.

He shares what ideals his church had and when he started to question those ideals and move away from legalism. We are so grateful for the lessons that we have learned and how we went into marriage on the same page, and we hope that you get a lot out of Jesse’s words in this episode!


In This Episode

[00:35] – This is a follow-up episode to the Shiny Happy People episode!

[03:33] – Jesse shares some of his own experience with IBLP/ATI.

[05:10] – What did it mean to get anointed?

[07:04] – We got in trouble for holding hands under a workbook.

[08:16] – How did IBLP/ATI influence Jesse?

[09:54] – Jesse reveals whether or not he was ever bothered by the ideals.

[11:49] – When did Jesse start questioning things?

[14:22] – How fully immersed was Jesse?

[15:58] – Jesse was in college or so when he got out of legalism.

[18:42] – I reflect back on the move from Kansas to Tennessee.

[22:00] – Jesse’s chains of legalism weren’t as strong as mine.

[23:45] – We went into marriage as a unit on the same page.

[26:36] – Jesse offers his definition of legalism.

[28:56] – Formulas led to frustration in our marriage.

[30:53] – God did not create us to be carbon copies of everyone else.


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