22. How to Be Brave (with Melissa Radke)

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I was kind of giddy about doing today’s interview… because I had listened to Melissa Radke’s audiobook, Eat Cake, Be Brave, and had fallen in love with her hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is honesty and couldn’t wait to get to talk to her in person (well, it was actually over Skype, but that was a big step up from just listening to her on audiobook!)

In our conversation, we dig deep into bravery, forgiveness, and rising about negativity. As Melissa explains, bravery doesn’t always mean jumping out of a plane, scaling Everest, or not feeling fear or nervousness in your everyday life.

Instead, being brave means to just keep showing up, even when things get hard. And she definitely understands things being hard! She’s gone through a lot of disappointment, hurt, loss, and heartache in her life. But she hasn’t let those hold her back from continuing to show up.

You won’t want to miss this powerful episode with a truly incredible guest. If you’ve been struggling with forgiveness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and trying to be brave (and don’t we all struggle with those things sometimes?), I think Melissa’s wisdom will truly touch you deeply and offer you practical encouragement and inspiration on how to move forward.

In This Episode:

[01:57] – I talk about what’s saving my life this week: how I’m making time for reading. Listen in for my tips on how I’m typically fitting in 30-60 minutes of reading every day. Hopefully it will give you some ideas on how you, too, can fit in more reading time! 

[04:16] – This parenting book is one I can’t stop talking about — and truly loved!

[07:46] – I think you are going to LOVE today’s guest, Melissa Radke! She is hilarious but is also such a truth-teller.

[11:14] – Melissa talks about bravery, how she’s facing her fears right now, and how she still struggles with being brave. She lets us in on what bravery looks like for her and the hard-won lessons she’s learned on how to be brave.

[14:18] – One of the parts of the book that was deeply moving to me was when Melissa shares about forgiving the woman who had an emotional affair with her husband. This woman also happened to be her very best friend. She shares openly about what this was like to walk through this — and to write about it in the book.

[19:25] – Melissa offers powerful words to women who are struggling to hold onto their dreams and goals despite critical words being directed at them.

[23:50] – We change gears to a much more lighthearted tone and talk about a book Melissa is reading that she assumed many other guests have talked about. (Surprise! No one has!)

[24:34] – And then we talk about bacon and air fryers… and you just might need to order one after you hear this part of the podcast! 🙂

[27:04] – Today’s Q&A question comes from Jeanette, who wants to know how to get teens to keep their room clean. I give some caveats before I share my thoughts on this! 🙂

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