228. Building Community Through Cooking (with Bri McCoy)

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I am beyond excited about today’s guest! Bri McCoy is here, and we are diving into her brand new book The Cook’s Book: Recipes for Keeps & Essential Techniques to Master Everyday Cooking! It’s not just the delicious recipes that make this book special but also the joy and confidence it brings to the kitchen. If you have ever felt overwhelmed in the kitchen, struggled to find joy in cooking, or simply want to simplify your mealtime, this episode is definitely a must-listen for you!

Bri shares her story of transitioning from someone who avoided cooking to embracing it with enthusiasm, and she talks about the importance of learning cooking skills and techniques and how they unlocked her joy in the kitchen. Bri’s book is all about teaching these skills and complementing them with easy-to-follow recipes, and she emphasizes that cooking doesn’t have to be about perfection; rather, it’s about confidence and enjoying flavorful meals. She also discusses the challenges of building community when moving frequently due to her husband’s military service and shares her experiences and how she prioritizes connection despite the inevitable goodbyes.

Again, if you have ever felt daunted by the kitchen or wondered how to build deeper connections with others, join us for this episode as we explore the joy of cooking and the power of community. Bri’s journey and her book offer hope and practical tips for anyone seeking to bring more joy and connection into their lives through cooking and shared meals. Get ready to be inspired and discover a newfound love for the kitchen!


In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s episode is a conversation with Bri McCoy, author of The Cook’s Book!

[1:04] – Bri shares a little bit of insight about herself.

[3:38] – How did Bri go so long without learning how to cook?

[4:47] – Bri explains that she wrote her book as an ultimate kitchen resource for beginners.

[5:31] – Learn how Bri came to fall in love with cooking.

[7:48] – Bri recommends beginning with simple recipes.

[9:11] – Bri discusses how sharing a meal helped reveal vulnerabilities and foster connections.

[10:44] – Moving every three years forces Bri to build a community very quickly.

[13:19] – Bri emphasizes teaching and reinforcing cooking skills via her recipes.

[14:33] – Bri acknowledges the difference between simple and bland.

[16:20] – Bri values deep friendships despite relocating every three years.

[18:41] – Hear about how Bri really hates goodbyes.

[20:27] – Bri discusses realizing the importance of cherishing friendships before distance.

[22:35] – Bri reveals what she most hopes people will get out of her book.

[24:00] – Cooking confidence grew for Bri when she rescued her burning chicken.

[25:26] – What would Bri say to her younger self if she could?

[28:09] – I agree with Bri that we should own our abilities without needing to be the best at them.


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