232. Why We Require Our Teens to Get a Job at 15

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Buckle up because we are diving into a pretty controversial topic this week on the podcast: ​​why we don’t think parents should pay for everything for their kids and why we expect our kids to get a job by 15.

In this podcast episode, I share the story of a simple Instagram post that sparked a heated debate and led me to discuss why we have this requirement in our family. We explore the reasons behind this decision, how it plays out in our home, and the valuable life skills our teens learn through this experience.

Listen in as Jesse and I discuss how our teens having jobs and learning to manage their own money has been so valuable and provided such fulfillment and real world experience.

We also discuss the benefits of having our kids manage their earnings, learn to balance responsibilities, and understand the connection between work, money, and their future stability. We also talk about how to navigate jobs when your kids have very full schedules with school and sports. We hope this episode inspires you to empower your children to more successfully manage their time and money as they get older and have more confidence in many different situations.

In This Episode

[0:35] – We are talking today about why we require our kids to have jobs by the time they’re 15.

[1:34] – We’ve got some travel stories for you today! I hope they can make you laugh! 🙂

[18:36] – Lessons learned: stay calm, spread kindness, and look to make the most of every opportunity.

[22:01] – Why do we require our kids to get jobs by the time that they’re 15?

[24:49] – I strongly believe that paying for everything for our kids does them a disservice.

[26:16] – I talk about how it’s crucial to teach our children about time management.

[28:19] – We teach our kids fulfillment through hard work, encouraging independence.

[30:04] – It can be difficult for a 14-year-old to get a job, but there are ways around the challenge.

[33:35] – Jesse reminds us that we aren’t talking about full-time jobs here when they are teenagers.

[36:26] – The benefits we experienced from getting jobs and managing money as teens.