238. Raising Spiritually Strong and Emotionally Healthy Children (with Lauren Gaines)

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I am joined this week by Lauren Gaines, author of Unshakable Kids: Three Keys to Raising Spiritually Strong and Emotionally Healthy Children. As someone who often discusses emotional language and nurturing emotional health in your kids, I have received many, many questions from moms about teaching these concepts to young kids, so Lauren is joining me today to help me tackle this topic!

Lauren is a mother of three with a background in school psychology, and she provides practical insights and resources for parents seeking to instill spiritual strength and emotional resilience in their children. Join us as we delve into the three keys of focusing on the mind, heart, and identity, emphasizing metacognition, emotional intelligence, and building courage and confidence in Christ.

Lauren also shares incredibly valuable brain builders and discusses the crucial role of rest in creating a more balanced and peaceful family life. If you’re a parent navigating the challenges of raising spiritually strong and emotionally healthy kids, I hope this episode encourages you and gives you a lot of food for thought.

In This Episode

[0:35] – Lauren Gaines, author of Unshakable Kids, is today’s guest!

[2:01] – Lauren, a mother of three with a school psychology background, integrates psychology and biblical teachings.

[5:35] – What does the phrase “spiritual strength” mean to Lauren?

[8:47] – Hear Lauren define what “emotionally healthy” means to her.

[10:14] – In her book, Lauren emphasizes the profound impact of the mind and explores emotional health, identity, and practical strategies for parenting.

[12:59] – Lauren highlights metacognition, encouraging conversations with kids about the power of words and providing ways to shift negative thought patterns.

[15:33] – Lauren delves into methods that teach kids to understand and change thought patterns for emotional well-being.

[17:47] – How to boost kids’ emotional awareness and promote positive expressions and understanding.

[20:19] – It’s important for kids to recognize physical sensations as signals of emotions.

[22:49] – How does Lauren navigate homeschooling stress?

[24:37] – Lauren guides kids through adversity with a three-step process, emphasizing reflection and aligning beliefs with positivity.

[26:46] – How to find quiet moments in your day, even if you have a very full life.

[29:01] – Lauren explains that she embraces rest and aligns with biblical teachings for improved well-being.

[31:35] – Lauren talks about how they’ve recently restructured their lifestyle and the difference it has made.

[33:31] – How slowing down, reflecting, and prioritizing peace over rushing can make such a difference in your home.