246. The Best Way to Encourage Your Single Friends (with Annie F. Downs)

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This episode is perfect as we approach Valentine’s Day… because every married person needs to listen to what Annie F. Downs shares in this episode. And all of the single people need to listen to this episode to be encouraged by Annie’s story and life! 

Annie is the author of a number of books, including her newest children’s book, So Happy to Know You! We talk about her days as a teacher that inspired this book, her heart behind writing this, and how God has given her so many opportunities to mother other children, even though she has never had children of her own.

You’ll love Annie’s stories of personal growth and how she’s learned to acknowledge and embrace her unique personality. I loved when she shared how she got to give this book to a number of her former students and their kids!

One of the topics I really wanted to get to ask Annie about was singleness. I was so grateful she was willing to share her journey, her struggles, and how God has used this longtime longing of her heart to shape the way she lives and serves others. She recently started the Single Purpose League, a community to provide support and connection for single individuals, particularly within the church.

At the end of the conversation, Annie shares valuable insights on how married and single individuals can better understand and support each other and how the church can do a better job of walking with single people. I was so challenged and convicted by her words — and it ended up opening some doors for me to have really valuable conversations with single people in my life. 

In This Episode

[0:35] – I am joined today by Annie Downs, author of the new children’s book So Happy to Know You!.

[1:30] – Annie shares her 12-year journey in writing, speaking, and podcasting since 2012.

[2:24] – Being a former teacher, Annie discusses her inspiration for children’s books and connecting with former students.

[9:50] – We discuss how writing children’s books is a form of mothering and walking alongside other parents.

[11:28] – Annie reflects on her unexpected life at 43 as a single adult and encourages people to pursue friendship across different life stages.

[16:39] – I ask Annie what she really wishes married people understood about those who are single. Her answer may surprise you!

[21:28] – How to live fully while still longing for what you don’t have.

[25:35] – What it looks like to hold onto hope and why Annie makes sure to be close with married friends, not just single friends.

[30:02] – Annie talks about the unexpected creation of the Single Purpose League and its purpose.

[35:45] – How can the church do a better job of walking alongside those who are single?

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