247. An Update on Our 2024 Goals (+ an app we’re both loving!)

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It’s the second week of February and Jesse and I are giving you an update on our 2024 goals! I try to stop at the end of every month and reflect on where I’m at, how I’m doing on my goals and habits, and what tweaks I need to make. 

Today we share what has worked so far this year, what’s not working as well, and what we’re learning. From hitting 47 hours of outdoor time in chilly January and making a habit of getting 90 grams of protein almost every day to struggling with turning off screens by 8:30 p.m., we dive into it and share honestly.

Jesse also provides us with some updates on his sleep, cold shower challenges, and exercise goals and we both talk about how we loving using the Strides app to stay on track. It’s made such a difference for us and we’d highly recommend trying it out!

How are your 2024 goals going? We would love to hear from you, so drop me an email to share your wins, struggles, and everything in between. Let’s make 2024 our best year yet!

In This Episode

[0:35] – Jesse and I are updating you on how our 2024 goals in this episode.

[1:31] – We joke about Jesse’s new position as assistant coach.

[4:07] – All about our first two ABC Dates.

[8:05] – I just finished reading Words with God by Addison Bevere.

[9:28] – Hear what’s saving my life this week!

[12:20] – I share an insightful email about nighttime phone use as we open our discussion on 2024 goals.

[15:21] – Balancing business tasks with sleep and shutting down my phone has been a challenge for me.

[17:26] – I discuss how I achieve my 90 grams of protein goal with a high-protein breakfast and strategic snacking.

[19:16] – Circadian rhythms, logging outdoor hours, and limiting sugar.

[22:27] – Jesse and I really enjoy using the Strides app!

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