250. What it was like living in the 1900’s :)

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Today’s episode is a fun departure from our recent more serious topics. Join me and Jesse as we take a lighthearted stroll down memory lane, exploring the quirks and charms of growing up in the 1900’s. Okay, so we were born in 1980 and 1981 to be exact, but it was still the 1900’s and so much has changed since then!

Born before the millennium? Get ready for a nostalgia-packed ride! The inspiration for today’s episode comes from a meme about being from the 1900’s that sparked a flood of childhood memories in our Instagram community. Join us as we reminisce about record players, cassette tapes, and the evolution of technology. From bag phones to the original Netflix to the joys of free AOL discs, we’ve got it all covered. If you remember playing Oregon Trail or had a station wagon with a seat that faced backwards or had a house with wood paneling, hopefully this episode will remind you of the “good ‘ole days”! 🙂

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In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s episode takes a lighthearted look at the nostalgia of being born in the 1900’s.
[2:31] – After being pregnant and/or nursing for four and a half years, it’s so weird to not be either! And I kind of forgot how to eat for just one person! 🙂
[5:23] – Jesse highlights Kaitlynn’s unexpected layover in San Francisco due to flight delays.
[7:25] – I discuss upcoming trips, including Kaitlynn’s 11-day adventure and Jesse’s chaperoning role for Silas’s DC trip.
[10:39] – I am currently reading Susan Meissner’s Only the Beautiful which explores societal stigmas and hidden historical realities.
[14:04] – Exciting news! Our new product, 10 Weeks of Money-Saving Menus, simplifies dinner planning! And I’ve got a coupon code for you!
[16:07] – Today’s episode is sparked by a meme and dives into nostalgia, childhood memories, and technological evolution.
[18:26] – I reminisce about things like our basement record player, Walkman gardening, and more.
[20:31] – In a recent conversation with Silas, I realized I don’t know my kids’ phone numbers.
[23:10] – Jesse recalls law practices naming their offices something that would get more attention in the phonebook.
[24:38] – I get schooled on bag phones and we talk about our first phones.
[29:37] – Have we changed the way we parent and interact with people because of cell phones?
[32:31] – Metal slides and Merry-Go-Rounds!
[35:51] – We reminisce about free internet courtesy of AOL discs.
[38:00] – Cassette players, CD players, iPods, and planning our wedding on a PalmPilot.

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