256. Micah’s Unexpected Hospital Stay

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This episode is a reminder to trust your God-given intuition. If you feel something is wrong or off, get it checked out.

In this podcast, we share the story of Micah getting really sick recently and how it ended up landing him in the hospital. We got so many questions from you all about his illness and how we knew when it was time to take him to the hospital/what we experienced, that I thought recording a podcast episode sharing in-depth might be helpful.

We’re so grateful that Micah is doing better now and fully back to his sweet, busy, silly self! We missed all his smiles and laughter and singing while he was sick!

In this episode, we also give an update on what we’re reading, share a reader’s response to last week’s episode, and we have a fun and friendly “argument” over audiobooks.

In This Episode

[0:35] – This week, we’re sharing about Micah’s recent sickness and hospital stay.
[1:27] – Jesse is still reading Three Felonies A Day by Harvey Silvergate and Alan M. Dershowitz because it’s a dense read.
[2:01] – I’ve been reading I Want God by Lisa Whittle.
[4:10] – I share a message from a listener about commentary in last episode about Farmer Boy.
[6:07] – Jesse and I have a friendly discussion about whether audiobooks count as “reading” and he shares about the John Grisham audiobooks he’s listened to recently, including Jake Brigance trilogy.
[8:45] – I had a very full weekend planned, including my last girls-only youth group camp and attending my friend’s wedding, but that all changed when Micah got sick.
[12:04] – We knew we needed to do something and ended up calling and asking about getting Zofran.
[14:01] – Micah’s symptoms persisted, prompting a pediatrician visit.
[18:39] – We ended up in the ER and it took many attempts plus two rounds of sedatives to finally get the IV in.
[24:31] – After hours of IV fluids in the ER, they ended up deciding to admit Micah as his labs didn’t look good.
[29:23] – I touch upon some of the lessons that were learned from this experience.

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