26. How Myers-Briggs Saved My Marriage (with Meg Tietz)

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Guess what? I have some big news about a change for the podcast! Jesse is officially my new co-host on The Crystal Paine Show!

I’ve gotten such great feedback every time he’s been on the show and we have had so much fun recording together, so I’m excited to have him joining me on every episode!

Today’s guest is Meg Tietz is the host of the beloved Sorta Awesome podcast. Meg is really passionate about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and I’m thrilled she agreed to come on the show and share her wisdom on this topic.

Whether you’re a personality type junkie or have no idea what the letters in ENFP or INTJ mean, you’ll definitely come away from this episode with some valuable insights on how understanding our personalities and the personalities of those closest to us can change our relationships and our outlook on look.

In This Episode:

[01:51] – Jesse chats about the trip that he just got back from, and I explain that the house actually didn’t fall apart while he was gone (unlike some of the past trips he’s taken!).

[04:30] – I took off a little over 24 hours after Jesse got back for a sisters’ trip to New York City. 

[06:06] – We chat about an app I recently discovered that is fascinating us and sort of saving both of our lives.

[08:48] – Jesse shares a book update, because he surprised me by having read quite a bit since our last podcast. 

[10:05] – My book of the week is one I started last year (which Jesse has fun teasing me about!): Everybody, Always by Bob Goff.

[13:03] – Through the end of March, you can get our Make Over Your Year course for 50% off!

[15:18] – Meg Tiets of the Sorta Awesome podcast is today’s fantastic guest!

[16:52] – We hear about how Meg discovered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and why it’s so important to her.

[20:12] – Meg gives a very helpful overview of the Myers-Briggs system for listeners who aren’t familiar with it.

[22:26] – What are Meg’s thoughts on ambiverts? Is it possible to not be a true introvert or extrovert?

[23:22] – We discuss intuition vs. sensing and how it has impacted our marriages in practical ways.

[25:38] – Are you a feeler or a perceiver? Meg explains how this plays out in her marriage and I talk about our marriage, too.

[27:24] – And finally, are you person who prefers to explore all the possibilities or a quick-to-make-a-decision person?

[29:07] – For a listener who wants to find out their type, Meg shares a website she recommends where you can go to take a test to determine your type.

[31:21] – We change gears, with Meg talking about the two books she’s reading right now and how she’s going back to her crunchy roots.

[34:59] – Jesse joins me to answer a listener question on how we encourage/enforce budgeting with our kids and whether we give them an allowance or not.

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