260. Simple Rules to Decorate Your Home No Matter Your Style or Budget (with Myquillyn Smith)

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Myquillyn Smith was my very first in-person guest to ever have on the show — back in 2018! (Listen to episode 12.) And because I loved the in-person experience so much, we decided to ultimately only have in-person guests on the podcasts! She’s also someone I’ve known for years and years through blogging — back before social media was even a thing!

She has a brand-new book called, House Rules: How to Decorate for Every Home Style and Budget. It’s a fun and very visual book with lots of practical inspiration (and pictures of her house!). I underlined and dog-eared so many pages in the book and loved getting to ask her to share more about some of my favorite parts of the book.

Listen in as Myquillyn shares about why she wrote a book on rules (you’ll breathe a sign of relief to know it’s not going to be a rigid system but rather simple guidelines!), the importance of authenticity, and the power of starting with what you know. She also teaches us about the “Homey Trinity” and the significance of proper lighting and decor scale. And you’ll be encouraged as she talks about how limitations can actually lead to creativity in unexpected ways.

Plus, we discuss the concept of clutter and how to navigate the fine line between cozy and chaotic. We close this episode with me asking Myquillin what the hardest rule is for her to follow — you might be surprised with her answer!

Throughout the conversation, Myquillyn reminds us that our homes should serve us, not the other way around. I hope that this episode helps you to see and approach your home and decorating in a brand-new light!

In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s guest is returning guest Myquillyn Smith!
[2:02] – Myquillyn talks about how starting online was intimidating and why she originally went by the pseudonym of The Nester.
[4:33] – Teaching decor involves guidelines, but breaking rules can enhance creativity and confidence.
[7:29] – Do what you know, use what you have, and finish what you started with.
[9:11] – Myquillyn advises starting with inspiration, creating a Pinterest board, and identifying the needs of a room for decorating confidently.
[12:12] – You’ll love this story of Myquillyn’s fancy drapes and how she adapted them to better suit her casual lifestyle.
[15:39] – When we find ourselves overly protective of our homes, it’s a sign that something needs to change.
[17:54] – Owning practical, easy-to-clean furniture allows freedom in enjoying and sharing your home.
[19:29] – How to appreciate thrift store finds without feeling compelled to own them brings peace and contentment.
[22:00] – The “Homey Trinity” of rugs, window treatments, and lighting.
[25:30] – Myquillyn identifies her biggest struggle as items left on the floor becoming “unintended decor”.
[26:44] – Hear my solution to Myquillyn’s challenge – keeping a dumpster in the garage for donations.
[30:38] – Be sure to check out 10 Weeks to a More Organized Home, and use the code PODCAST at checkout!

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