261. Things We Wish We Knew Before Having an Adult Child

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Recently, I mentioned something on Instagram about how having an adult child is wonderful and also there are new challenges as your kids get older and grow wings and fly. This resonated with so many people that I ended up turning my thoughts into an Instagram post.

And then it inspired us to expand further on it in this week’s podcast episode. We’re just a year into having an adult child, but we wanted to share what we learned so far — especially as we get ready to graduate another senior from high school! 

In this episode, we talk about the ups and downs of watching our kids learn to navigate life on their own. We discuss things we are glad we did ahead of time and things we wish we had known.

It’s such a joy to see them succeed and grow, but it’s also tough to watch them struggle and face hardships that we can’t fix for them. We share some of our experiences, some of the hard lessons, and the surprising things we’ve learned along the way.

I hope this conversation encourages you, whether you’re about to launch your kids into adulthood, you already have launched them, or you’re right in the thick of parenting littles or tweens or teens. 

We also discuss my goal for a “slowed-down summer” and what I’ve proactively put into place to make that happen. We also answer a question we kept getting about Jesse’s To Do app, talk about a book I finished recently, and share some lessons we’ve learned about communication in marriage (please laugh — this was such a rabbit trail!). Plus, I share a freebie with you — 100 Free or Low Cost Summer Bucket List Ideas!

In This Episode

[0:35] – What we wish we knew before having an adult child, a topic inspired by an Instagram post.
[1:35] – Hear about the phrase I chose for this summer.
[3:52] – I recently read and loved Tired of Being Tired by Jess Connolly.
[6:02] – Jesse shares what he loves about the Appigo Todo app.
[8:50] – Challenges we’ve had in communication in our marriage and lessons we’ve learned.
[13:13] – Learning to let go as a parent of an adult child can be one of the hardest things.
[14:22] – The importance of letting kids handle challenges themselves when they are younger.
[17:53] – Plus, teaching kids to be more self-sufficient involves giving them tools to confront problems.
[20:01] – There is a time to say no and there is a time to express caution and let your child learn through experience.
[24:03] – I describe how starting my day with a walk and prayer helps me support and connect with each of my kids.
[26:18] – In closing, parenting older children is challenging but rewarding, reminding us to trust and rely on God.

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Tired of Being Tired: Receive God’s Realistic Rest for Your Soul-Deep Exhaustion by Jess Connolly

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