267. Newsy Summer Updates + 3 Shows We’ve Watched Recently

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Jesse and I are sharing some fun and newsy summer updates, a baking experiment that is all the rage on Instagram, + some engaging documentaries we’ve watched recently.

We don’t watch much in the way of shows during the school year, but we usually watch more TV, movies, and shows in the summer. Recently, we watched a pretty mind-blowing story about identical twins accidentally switched at birth, the gripping and scandalous tale behind Ashley Madison, and the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader! Each of these documentaries has brought something unique to the table, from heartwarming to downright shocking and we share our honest reactions on this episode.

Jesse and I also chat about a trending ingredient in for baking on Instagram: cottage cheese! I share about my experiment involving cottage cheese muffins that, despite their promise, left quite a lot to be desired.

I also share a few messages from listeners and we discover that I’ve been butchering the name of one of my favorite authors for quite some time, and thanks to a helpful listener, I’ve learned how to say Ruta Sepetys’ name correctly (it rhymes with spaghettis)!

On a bit of a more practical note, we share how we’re bringing back a tried-and-true summer strategy for managing household chores: morning lists for the kids! It’s a simple but effective way to keep things running smoothly around here and free up more time for summer fun. I share how this little routine change has made such a difference in our days.

In This Episode

[0:35] – We are discussing a whole gamut of things today, including a baking trend and documentaries we have enjoyed lately.
[1:52] – Cottage cheese is now widely used in ice cream and various baked goods for healthier options.
[4:11] – The cottage cheese muffins I made tasted unpleasantly sour and spongy, despite extra maple syrup.
[10:34] – I recently learned that I have been mispronouncing Ruta Sepetys’ name!
[15:42] – Jennifer Pepito’s book Habits for a Sacred Home has inspired me to improve order and discipline.
[17:18] – The Accidental Twins documents the fascinating story of two sets of Colombian twins mixed up at birth.
[20:14] – The Ashley Madison documentary, covering infidelity and its impact on families, was a shocking and unsettling watch.
[22:36] – Ashley Madison boosted their customer base through negative publicity + the shocking revelation on the documentary that many “women” on the site were actually bots.
[27:01] – Jesse and I discuss how the documentary includes diverse perspectives, from a widow’s forgiveness journey to insights on sin and consequences.
[28:14] – I’m currently watching AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS with Kaitlynn, which explores the intense process of making the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader team.
[30:42] – How creating morning lists for the kids has helped our home run smoother.
[33:40] – I am offering a free download of 100 frugal fun activities for summer, available as a printable list or cut-out strips for a jar!

Links & Resources

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100 Frugal Summer Activities (freebie)


Ruta Sepetys (author page)

Habits for a Sacred Home: 9 Practices from History to Anchor and Restore Modern Families by Jennifer Pepito

Documentaries (All on Netflix)

The Accidental Twins

Ashley Madison documentary

AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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