3. The Secret to Being a Happier Mom (with Jeannie Cunnion)

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I can’t WAIT for you to hear today’s episode… but first, I have to say a huge thank you to all of you for your support and excitement about my podcast officially launching last week with the first two episodes.

Even though I’ve been blogging for over 13 years and running online businesses for longer than that, it’s still scary to put something brand-new out into the world. But you all are the most amazing cheerleaders.

Thank you for listening to the podcast, for subscribing, for telling your friends and sharing it on social media. Most of all, thank you for the kind emails and texts and DMs and comments you all sent to me last week. It truly blessed me more than I can adequately describe in words.

You all are in for a treat with today’s episode! In addition to talking about kids and cell phones, our favorite site for crockpot menu plans, a book on hormones, and how to keep your home from being over run by toy clutter, I bring on Jeannie Cunnion to share about The Secret to Being a Happier Mom.

Jeannie is a mom four boys and a two-time author of books that have deeply impacted me in my mothering journey. In our conversation, she shares powerful words of advice for moms who feel like they aren’t enough, she talks about how to stop carrying around mom guilt, and the key to freedom and joy as a mom.

If you need some encouragement as a mom or if you wonder if you are completely messing it up, you’ve got to listen to this episode!

In This Episode:

[00:28] – Do you like small talk? I share my pretty blunt personal opinion on this and ask you to weigh in.

[03:38] – Over and over in the last year, I’ve been asked whether my kids have cell phones. I know this is a very personal decision for each family, but I share what our family policy is on cell phones in today’s episode.

[05:31] – Do you struggle to plan menus and make grocery lists? I talk about a site that I LOVE for simple, yummy, and easy crockpot menu plans.

[07:10] – My book pick of the week is The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried M.D. If you think you might have hormone imbalance, this book is a fascinating read.

[09:42] – Jeannie Cunnion and I dive right in to sharing encouragement for the mom who feels like she’s failing. 

[12:32] – I share how much relief and joy I’ve discovered as I’ve changed my approach to parenting.

[14:06] – Jeannie offers sage advice to moms who feel pressure to get it all right and to be perfect. “When we don’t model perfection for our kids, it frees them from the pressure of feeling like they have to get it all right.”

[22:02] – Jeannie talks about what she’s reading right now (I’m excited to read this book!) AND she shares a simple tip that’s saving her life right now.

[25:30] – Today’s Q&A segment is from Jena. She asks me how I keep clutter out of our home and how I encourage our kids to purge toys, clothes, stuffed animals. I answer this question specifically related to toy clutter, since so many moms have asked me for advice in that.

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