43. The Lies We Believed

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For the longest time, the words that I believed about myself were, “Not enough.”

I had believed this lie long enough that it became my truth.

I believed I wasn’t good enough for friendship, so that’s why I didn’t have any close friends. I became a world class people pleaser — and I spent years agonizing over whether people approved of me and working hard to win and keep approval.

I believed I wasn’t good enough when it came to school, so I tried to prove myself by becoming a workaholic and building a successful business. I hoped this would show that I had worth and value. But I still felt like a big imposter.

I believed I wasn’t enough for my Heavenly Father so I worked hard to become the best Christian ever… and followed a strict set of rules for what I wore, what I did, what I didn’t do, what books I read, what kinds of movies I watched, who I associated with. I got up really early to read my Bible and pray every day. I made sure I was as different from “the world” as I could be. But all of this made me feel like I just needed to do better, try harder, strive more.

I was inwardly miserable, constantly stressed and anxious, regularly struggling with panic attacks, incredibly lonely, and often suicidal.

And then Jesus swooped in and, through His grace and kindness, He revealed to me the life-transforming power of the Gospel.

He died on the Cross so I can stop striving. When I put my faith in Him, I no longer have to try to be good enough. I am covered by the blood and when God looks at me He sees *Jesus*.

It took me a few years to believe this truth and let it soak in deep. But when I did, it set me FREE!

I am loved. I am accepted. I am pre-approved. I have incredible worth. In Him.

I am fully loved and chosen by the Creator of the Universe. And that is what defines me now.

Have you ever struggled with believing lies about yourself? Today on the podcast, Jesse and I share more about the lies we believed and the steps we took to break free from those lies in order to walk in freedom & truth!

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In This Episode: 

[03:23] – Cleaning out the kids’ closets has been on my list… for months! Hear why I’m challenging you to go ahead and start/finish the thing you’ve been putting off!

[04:51] – What’s saving our lives this week? A Freeze Sleeve? Yup!

[11:25] – This audiobook surprised me.

[17:03] – Last week talked about responding to negativity with confidence. This week we’re diving deeper into being proactive in building confidence.

[18:30] – What are some lies that you believe about yourself? I share some of mine.

[19:44] – When we believe our own lies and that’s what we lead with, that’s what people believe about you.

[20:56] – Learn what started my journey in debunking the lies I believed about myself.

[23:48] – Jesse shares some of his internal lies and how this journey has affected our marriage. 

[27:46] – Your worth is not in what you do, it’s in who you are! I challenge you to seek the truth so that you can walk in confidence.

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