45. The Apps & Tools We Use to Plan Our Day

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A question I get asked often is, “How do you plan your day and keep track of everything in an organized manner?”

Well, in this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Jesse and I not only share what’s saving our lives and talk about books we are reading, but we also give you an insider look into how we each plan our days.

Jesse’s time management plan is a little more detailed than mine, but it works for him. He uses his Appigo app, his Michael Hyatt Full Focus Journal, and our family Google calendar to keep his tasks in order. For me, keeping three separate calendars would feel like overkill, but it works well for him.

I like using my Google Calendar to brain dump all of the tasks and the activities for those tasks into one place. I share how I use a hybrid system of Google calendar + a time-blocked to do list and talk about why this works so well for me.

Oh and I also talk about one tip that makes such a difference that I was a little embarrassed to admit until I saw that Cal Newport does it, too!

In This Episode: 

[00:26] – Welcome back to the show! We share about our recent trip to Georgia, our time at Sweetwater Creek State Park, and my Mastermind one-day event.

[05:31] – What’s saving our lives? Jesse: Appigo, his to-do list app. Mine: our electric tea kettle!

[07:54] – Jesse’s reading The E-Myth Real Estate Investor. I just finished The Last Christmas in Paris.

[11:51] – Today we wanted to share how we plan our days, especially since summer is almost over!

[16:24] – With his 3 different calendars, how is Jesse not duplicating work/tasks? 

[17:25] – Learn why I love using Google Calendar to brain dump my day!

[19:00] – While I don’t usually use my calendar for everyday tasks when I’m developing a habit I set a daily reminder.

[20:39] – In the evening, I block out my time for the next day.

[21:48] – My one not-so-minimalist habit is re-writing my task list halfway through the day and I share the three reasons why I think this is so helpful.

[26:02] – Set realistic timeframes for the tasks on your list and start simple.

[27:35] – Download my PDF on how I plan my days with Google calendar.

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