53. 4 Strategies to Survive Stretching Seasons

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Are you in a season of life that feels stretching, exhausting, or overwhelming? If so, today’s episode just might really encourage you!

I share 4 strategies for surviving stretching seasons that I’m currently implementing right now in the middle of morning sickness and a really, really full work schedule (gratefully, I’m finished with 3 of the biggest work weeks of my year and things are slowing down now!)

By the way, I intentionally use the word stretching not stressful… and I explain why on the podcast. This change in wording really has helped me to have a different perspective! And I talk about this as the first strategy on the podcast today.

I get really practical in this episode, including talking about why I decided to take medication for my nausea and what is working for me.

In This Episode: 

[00:54] I start off by sharing a story of something I did last week that caused me to freak out and feel stressed. And then I share how I processed through this… and what I learned from it. 

[07:35] What’s saving our lives: GOWOD app and the Preggie Pop Drops. (I’m pretty sure you can guess who chose which!)

[13:35] Jesse doesn’t have a book to share for this episode, but I have been reading The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker.

[16:11] Why I’m using the word stretching versus stressful to describe this season of life.

[19:03] Strategy #1: Change your perspective.

[19:43] Strategy #2: Focus on the barebones basics (we define this in the episode).

[21:42] Strategy #3: Prioritize rest! 

[22:08] Strategy #4: Live one day at a time.

[23:09] I get really practical as I talk about doing your best and how your best is going to look different in different seasons. 

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