9. Law School Struggles, Free Groceries, and a Pregnancy Test (with Jesse Paine)

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Jesse and I are currently in India (I messed up when I pre-recorded the podcast and said we were going to be in Rome and headed to India — I was forgetting that episode 9 dropped this week, not last week!) with some good friends of ours, so I talk about my international travel must-haves on this podcast.

Plus, by popular demand, Jesse joins me again for us to share more of our story — including some stories from our law school days you’ve probably never heard before. 

We also talk about the Enneagram and how it has impacted our marriage and our business and we answer the question of what it’s like for us to work together so closely.

By the way, we are still finding our groove when it comes to doing these podcasts together, but I think this one is getting closer to what you’d experience if you were sitting with us having coffee. Yes, we are pretty sarcastic with each other… and you’ll probably start to hear more and more of that as time goes on.

And you’ll likely also hear more and more from Jesse as he warms up to this whole talking to an invisible audience thing. I can also guarantee you that you’ll be hearing a lot more legalese from him since I’m always teasing him about using big legal words and attorney-speak. And he’ll probably tease me about being irritable again. Welcome to our world! 😉

In This Episode:

[01:56] – In honor of the fact that Jesse and I are currently on an international trip, I’m sharing my 5 must-haves for international flights. Would you add anything to my list?

[05:44] – Phones are a privilege, not a right at our house. And I share how this plays out in our home with our oldest, Kathrynne.

[10:17] – I loved this decorating book — which is kind of crazy since I’m not into decorating at all!

[11:42] – You all were intrigued by the last episode that Jesse and I did together so he’s joining me again this week for us to share more of our story — including some of the gritty (and funny!) details of our law school struggles.

[12:28] – Confluence?? Jesse brings out his legalese and I give him a hard time for it. But really, do YOU use “confluence” in your every day speech??

[15:49] – We share why Jesse decided to go to law school, why we set the goal of doing it debt-free, and what it was really like.

[21:35] – Did you know I got over $1500 worth of products for around $50 by playing the “Drugstore Game“. I share details on this and talk about what I did with the 100 tubes of toothpaste I got paid to buy.

[24:38] – We really wanted to have kids from the time we got married, but then we thought we were going to have to give up on that dream… until I got a mysterious case of irritability and a stomach bug. (I promise I’m not a big of a grump all the time as Jesse kind of made me out to be. But hey, I teased him for using big words so I think it’s only fair he got to tease me, too!)

[28:20] – Jesse and I answer a question from a listener: “What does it look like working so closely with your spouse?”

If you have any questions that you’d like me (or me and Jesse!) to address in a future episode, email me at [email protected]!

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