179. An Interview with Jesse

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(A photo taken at the end of a long two days traveling to Branson and spending time with extended family and at Silver Dollar City. You can see the tiredness on our face but also the deep gratitude for this life we have!) I thought that it would be fun to sort of turn the tables around a little bit and interview Jesse, who just recently had his forty-second birthday! Jesse has a lot of wisdom to share. He’s walked through a lot in his life — including being born prematurely, his parents divorcing at an early age, losing his mom to cancer when he was young, and two major brain tumor surgeries. And that was all just before he turned 15! In this episode, he shares some of the biggest life lessons he has learned over the course of his life and what lessons he hopes to impart to our children. We talk about how important it is to take risks and face fears. He share about what it was like to do this when he went to law school and started his own firm, and we both had to face fears when we went into fostering. All in all, you never know where a leap of faith or even just a baby step will take you!

In This Episode

[01:13] – Jesse had a big birthday recently and in honor of his birthday, I’m interviewing him this episode.

[03:01] – Jesse recently finished reading Fortitude by Dan Crenshaw and is reading People Are the Mission by Danny Franks.

[04:58] – I am reading Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt — a book that is different from many I usually read.

[09:20] – What has been saving my life this week?

[12:47] – Jesse shares what has been saving his life.

[17:24] – What are a couple of life lessons that Jesse wants to teach our kids.?

[18:13] – Jesse talks about some fears that he has faced throughout his life.

[23:45] – Jesse’s hopes for the next forty years or so.

[28:35] – Skills build on each other.

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