181. What is Kathrynne doing after high school?

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“What is Kathrynne doing after high school?” Jesse and I have been asked this over and over again — and Kathrynne has been asked this even more!

These questions sparked today’s conversation — about how easy it is to put pressure on others unknowingly and to spend so much of our lives thinking about, planning for, looking forward to, and worrying about the future that we miss the beauty of the here and now.

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In This Episode

[00:35] – We are talking about after high school today!

[03:08] – Our trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City.

[05:40] – What’s been saving our lives.

[09:51] – I am almost finished listening to Count the Nights by Stars by Michelle Shocklee.

[14:15] – We have been watching Five Days at Memorial.

[17:01] – We dive into the topic of what Kathrynne is doing after high school.

[19:49] – Most people don’t work in what they majored in at college.

[21:49] – I pose a question to ask rather than what most people ask.

[23:25] – Jesse touches upon how the question can also lead to guilt.

[26:30] – Hear a story that emphasizes the importance of being grounded in the present.

[28:12] – We would love to hear more alternate questions from you!