195. A Faith That Will Not Fail (with Michele Cushatt)

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Michele Cushatt returns to the podcast today to talk about something that we didn’t get to dive into last time – her personal story and journey! Michele has a brand new book coming out in March called A Faith That Will Not Fail: 10 Practices to Build Up Your Faith When Your World Is Falling Apart, and if anyone knows what it’s like for your world to fall apart, it’s definitely Michele. Michele dives into her journey and talks about all of the devastating loss that she has endured throughout her life. She describes her life over the last three decades as being “riddled with suffering” which includes cancer repeatedly coming back. She touches upon the importance of lament and why grief is an important part of healing, why we need to anchor ourselves to something static other than the outcome, the importance of forgiveness and how refusing to hurts only ourselves, and so much more. One of my favorite parts of Michele’s book are the Five-Minute Faith Builders at the end of each chapter. These give you really practical tools for what to do next when you feel sucked into the vortex of grief and loss and don’t know how to cope or function.

In This Episode

[00:35] – Michele Cushatt returns to the show today! [01:37] – How Michele’s world fell apart. [06:43] – What does the word lament mean to Michele? [08:23] – What lamenting looked like when Michele was diagnosed with cancer. [10:18] – Grieving is the necessary first step to new living. [10:36] – How do we avoid getting stuck in grief? [15:40] – How do we anchor ourselves to something other than the outcome? [18:35] – Overwhelming suffering can lead to panic. [19:42] – What forgiveness has looked like in Michele’s life. [21:39] – Forgiveness always comes at a cost. [22:16] – How do people learn to forgive when they don’t want to? [24:02] – Michele explains how she goes into the next day knowing it will be hard.

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