198. How to Identify What’s Keeping Us Stuck (with Megan Hyatt Miller)

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I have a lot in common with this week’s podcast guest — and we have many mutual connections! Author of Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking (which she co-authored with her father Michael Hyatt) as well as C.E.O. of Full Focus, Megan Hyatt Miller joins me this week to share about how our mindset impacts all areas of our life.

She talks about how she got into her business, what it’s like working with her dad, and the story behind this book and how personal it was. She shares about her struggle with false beliefs surrounding public speaking and how this held her back for years and took her on a journey to ultimately discovering that the stories we tell ourselves can either propel us forward or hold us back in a big way and keep us stuck.

Megan not only discusses her own story, but also how to stop listening to a story that could keep your stuck, how to recognize if you’re believing a false narrative, how to help our kids (especially teenagers) when they say things like, “I’m terrible at xyz!” or “Everyone else is so much better at xyz!). I loved the very relatable illustration she shared from parenting her son recently when he was really frustrated in a situation in his life.

This episode has a lot of takeaways that we can apply immediately to: (1) identify the story we’re believing, (2) interrogate the story to see what’s true or false, and (3) imagine a new story. We talk in-depth about what each of these steps entails and how to walk it out practically — and how it can change your life!

In This Episode

[00:35] – I am excited about today’s guest, Megan Hyatt Miller!

[01:52] – Megan shares a little about her background and her family.

[04:37] – I asked her about working with her dad.

[11:53] – How did Megan identify her false narrative around public speaking?

[13:16] – How do people identify their false narratives?

[17:12] – Megan touches upon how we can help teenagers mind their mindsets.

[20:50] – The three-step process for minding your mindset.

[21:33] – How do people get from realizing that something isn’t working to identifying their story?

[26:49] – Megan addresses interrogating your story with someone else.

[29:46] – Megan explains how to imagine a new story.