202. Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person (with Laura Wifler)

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Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about disabilities? Do you want your kids to not feel awkward around those who have special needs or disabilities, but you aren’t sure how to interact or what to say and don’t want to say or do the wrong thing?

In this episode, I have a really fantastic conversation about with Laura Wifler about this very topic. We not only share practical ideas of how we’ve appreciated others approaching and interacting with us and our children who have disabilities, but we talk about the gift that our children have been to our homes and families and how it has deeply changed and impacted us — in spite of the really hard parts.

Laura Wifler is the author of the new children’s book titled Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person and is also the Executive Director of Risen Motherhood, a nonprofit organization that helps mothers connect their faith to their motherhood.

Laura shares ideas of how to respond when your kids are curious about children with disabilities, giving great pointers about how to behave and what to say when your child asks questions about children they perceive as different. She also opens up and powerfully proclaims God’s truths when it comes to processing through the struggles and hard things that come along with having a child who has disabilities. We also talk about how culture often defines success in one way, but how our children have given us such different perspective.

Whether you have a child with disabilities or whether you know someone who does or whether you just want to know how to better understand and walk with someone who has a child with disabilities, this is a really important conversation to listen to and I think you’ll come away from it deeply moved and encouraged.

In This Episode

[01:09] – Laura Wifler is today’s guest!

[01:43] – A little about Laura and her family.

[02:48] – How long has Risen Motherhood existed?

[03:24] – Laura discusses what inspired her new book Like Me.

[07:31] – How to engage with people with disabilities.

[12:50] – Laura reminds us that life isn’t always about our own comfort levels.

[16:08] – Hear some examples of questions that Laura often gets.

[17:55] – How Laura gets through difficult days.

[21:34] – Laura discusses how she has processed through wondering how God could allow disabilities.

[25:02] – Success is not measured by abilities.

[29:43] – Only one thing in common is needed to build a friendship.

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