210. Kathrynne shares surprising lessons she learned in high school

Listen in to this week’s podcast episode as I welcome our daughter, Kathrynne, back to the show! She joins me today to discuss her high school experience — a topic inspired by a recent night where she spoke at youth group. She had such wisdom to share there and I wanted her to get to share some of that on the podcast. In this episode, Kathrynne talks about how she was really dreading going into her senior year. She decided to focus on loving the younger kids and looking for ways to serve them and make them feel loved. She’s ending the year so thrilled by the friendships she made, the the memories she’s carrying with her, and the many opportunities she had to love the younger kids and hang out with them. It ended up being a GREAT year! Kathrynne tells us about a teacher who inspired her and made a difference in her life by going out of her way to show kindness to her — something that made her want to do the same for others. She gives some great advice to parents and other adults who want to connect with their teens, emphasizing the importance of making them feel like their interests and ideas matter. She also talks about how the idea of selling pizzas and sodas at lunchtime have led her to plan to major in business in college. This likely wouldn’t have happened had she not decided to make the most of her senior year rather than be miserable or just sad. My hope is that this conversation with her will inspire you to make the most of your opportunities and make a difference in the lives of others!

In This Episode

[00:35] – Our daughter Kathrynne is today’s guest! [02:19] – Kathrynne feels bittersweet about high school being over. [03:41] – Hear about Kathrynne’s rough transition between junior year and senior year. [05:48] – Kathrynne reflects on Back-to-School camp. [08:24] – Senioritis hit Kathrynne hard. [12:14] – Hear about a surprise party that was thrown for Kathrynne. [15:15] – What would Kathrynne say to adults who want to inspire teens? [17:21] – Kathrynne gives advice to parents who want to connect deeper with their kids. [18:35] – Kids are probably communicating with you even if it’s not verbally. [20:52] – Kathrynne has realized that she loves things related to business and earning money [22:50] – In addition to helping run pizza sales, Kathrynne began selling drinks at lunch. [24:18] – Kathrynne is considering majoring in business. [26:53] – Gratitude and attitude are the biggest takeaways here.