211. Trading Boring, Empty Prayer for Real Connection (with Addison Bevere)

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Okay, full disclosure: I’d never heard of Addison Bevere until his publisher reached out and asked if he could be on my podcast. I did some research and was so impressed with what I found, that I said yes. And I’m so grateful I did because I was absolutely blessed by the time I got to spend with him.

Not only did he share so much wisdom on our podcast episode, but I loved getting to know him more in our conversations before and after we recorded. He was so humble and I would have never known that he was leading this huge organization had I not kept asking question after question until he finally shared more!

Addison is the author of a brand new book titled Words with God: Trading Boring, Empty Prayer for Real Connection. In this episode, we talk about growing up with parents who were both public figures, what his parents did well and what he wished they had done difference, the difference between doubt and disbelief, why prayer matters and how it might be different than what you think it looks like, and how it can impact and influence our every day life.

In This Episode

[01:05] – Learn about today’s guest, Addison Bevere.

[03:22] – Addison gives examples of things his parents did well and things he thought they could have done better.

[05:15] – Hear more about Addison’s parents and his upbringing.

[06:32] – Humility creates safety.

[07:07] – Why Addison wrote his new book and how important silence is when it comes to prayer.

[16:14] – The different types of prayer.

[20:30] – What does prayer look like for Addison in his every day life?

[22:54] – Addison gives us examples of practical prayers.

[26:32] – How can we identify whose voice we’re hearing when we listen?

[28:30] – Addison identifies how having words with God has been helpful to him.