217. How to Identify & Occupy Your God-Given Space (with Heather MacFadyen)


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Heather MacFadyen and I have both been blogging for a long time, but our paths took very different directions online. And that’s exactly what this conversation is about!

Heather is a well-known podcaster and author of the book, Right Where You Belong: How to Identify and Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space. In this podcast episode, Heather shares about her journey and how she set out to write a book years ago and ended up getting rejections that led her to podcast instead — something that has opened more doors and made more impact than she could have ever dreamed.

If you struggle to know what your space is to fill, if you ever wonder if you were made for more, or if you have a longing in your heart to step out in faith but fear is holding you back, I believe this podcast episode will encourage your heart so much!

In This Episode

[00:35] – I have been reading Right Where You Belong written by today’s guest!

[03:24] – Heather explains why she pivoted to podcasting instead of pursuing her book-writing dream.

[06:04] – Writing and publishing a book is not easy.

[09:37] – Heather realized that it wasn’t yet her time to publish the book.

[13:36] – Learn what inspired the title of the book.

[15:48] – Heather identifies her target reader.

[18:12] – How we can use both our positive and negative experiences to help others.

[19:45] – Listening to God helps Heather find clarity.

[21:37] – An example of how Heather puts listening to God into practice.

[24:30] – What are you carrying that you don’t need to be carrying?

[27:31] – Hear what we should do instead of blaming God for our difficulties.

[33:08] – God does not want us to be broken and trapped.