242. My Word for 2024 (and some of the “weird” things I’m trying!)

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Every year since 2016, I’ve chosen a word for the year. For me, this has been pretty life-transforming as this word serves as sort of my over-arching theme for the goals and hopes for the year. And it also is one that I refer back to again and again throughout the year as I make decisions and think through what to commit to and what to say no to.

In this episode, Jesse and I explore why I chose the word I did for 2024 and how I am intentionally seeking to live it out with the choices I make daily and the big and small goals I set for the year.

We talk about how this word isn’t just about physical choices, but how our physical choices can profoundly impact our mental and emotional state, as well. Jesse and I laugh about some of the weird things I’m trying as I live this word out — including red light, morning sunlight and walks in the cold, limiting screen time, minimizing artificial lights, learning about circadian rhythms, and cold showers (something I never, ever thought I’d try despite Jesse extolling the virtues and benefits of them for the past few years!)

In addition to diving into goal-setting and practical steps we’re taking to change our life in positive ways, we talk about the surprising need to child-proof our bath tub and toilet and devices we bought for this, plus a book I am reading.

I also announce my brand-new product: 10 Weeks of Money-Saving Menus! We designed this to not only save you time and money, but also to hopefully help you feed your family some really delicious meals that are easy to make! You’ll get 10 weeks of done-for-you dinner recipes, suggested sides, and grocery lists! (And use coupon code PODCAST to get them for just $9!) 

In This Episode

[0:35] – We are talking today about the word I chose for the year 2024.

[1:45] – What our trip to Kansas was like with only driving with half of the kids.

[4:09] – Our Airbnb adventure involved a chilly surprise with a heat outage and a broken faucet, but amazing hosts saved the day!

[11:30] – Etsy ended up being a lifesaver helping us find a childproof resource for our Roman tub.

[13:30] – I just finished my first read of 2024: Lovin’ with Grit & Grace, a book about love and resilience in a blended family.

[15:52] – I am so excited to launch a new product, 10 Weeks of Money-Saving Menus, offering affordable, family-favorite recipes with a special podcast listener discount.

[18:37] – We talk about the word of the year: health!

[20:39] – As a society, we tend to ignore the natural circadian rhythm and rely too heavily on artificial lighting.

[23:31] – Hear about how I have adopted a holistic approach, prioritizing morning sunlight, limiting screen time, and embracing nature for emotional and spiritual well-being.

[25:34] – Our experiences with trying cold showers and everything you maybe never knew you needed to know about cold showers!

[32:03] – The benefit of going outside of your comfort zone.

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