243. Trusting God When Your Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart (with Heidi Lee Anderson)

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Today, I’m sitting down with my friend Heidi Lee Anderson, whom I initially met on Instagram, but our online friendship turned into a real-life bond. Join us as we dive into Heidi’s inspiring journey and discuss her new book P.S. It’s Gonna Be Good, which explores how God’s Word addresses our deepest questions about faith, fear, and everything in between.

Heidi opens up about facing a cancer diagnosis over a decade ago and the emotional rollercoaster that followed. From chemotherapy to radiation, she shares the highs and lows, including the unexpected turns that left her in awe of God’s miracles. We touch on the power of community and the role of faith in navigating through the darkest moments, and Heidi’s authenticity shines through as she discusses meeting her husband, overcoming challenges, and ultimately embracing the unexpected beauty that God unfolds in our lives.

As we explore Heidi’s book, we delve into the questions many of us grapple with: what if the worst-case scenario happens? How do we trust God when He seems silent? What if our reality doesn’t align with God’s promises? Drawing insights from the lives of Bible heroes like Gideon, David, Joshua, and Martha, Heidi shares how their stories offer profound wisdom and hope for anyone facing uncertainty.

I hope that this episode offers you assurance that, no matter what, it’s going to be good.

In This Episode

[0:35] – Today’s guest is my friend Heidi Lee Anderson, author of P.S. It’s Gonna Be Good!

[2:09] – Heidi shares how her unexpected 10-pound, 11oz baby was a blessing, which evolved into a book.

[3:28] – A decade ago, Heidi confronted Hodgkin’s lymphoma, testing faith and reality amid uncertainty and treatment.

[6:55] – In the darkest moments of a cancer diagnosis, Heidi grappled with fear, uncertainty, and despair.

[8:09] – Heidi finds comfort in God’s living word, drawing parallels with Martha’s story and Jesus’ empathy.

[10:57] – In Martha’s story, Jesus demonstrated sovereignty, raising Lazarus and revealing God’s power in perfect timing.

[15:18] – Heidi shares that she found the hardest part to be dealing with others’ hopelessness; encouragement was very important.

[18:17] – When did Heidi first meet her husband?

[20:58] – A seemingly small thing, like meeting Ty during a tough time, became a life-changing moment for Heidi.

[22:12] – Navigating day by day battles with fear and uncertainty, Heidi relies on community and God’s word.

[24:20] – I emphasize the importance of questioning what is truth, combating self-made stories, and the impact of overthinking.

[25:47] – Heidi offers hope to those facing life’s curveballs.

[27:57] – Heidi touches upon how her book explores life’s questions through characters in the Bible, showing that despite challenges, God works for good.

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