244. A Crazy Airport Story + some fun life updates!

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So much has happened over the last few weeks, so today we’re sitting down to share a fun episode filled with lots of family updates and news. I share a crazy travel story, talk about my surprising sourdough journey, we give you some can’t-miss cold shower updates (please laugh!), talk about a book I finished recently, and tell you about a book light we love!

We hope that this podcast episode feels like you are sitting in our living room with us chatting about life and things we’re thinking about, trying, reading, and learning. We also touch on how our commitment to circadian rhythm and sunlight before screens is going and talk about how we are challenging ourselves outside our comfort zones for personal growth. 

Psst! We also offer you a coupon code on my new 10 Weeks of Money-Saving Menus!

In This Episode

​​[2:06] – Since so many of you have been intrigued by this cold shower thing, we talk more about it — and even if you could care less about cold showers, I hope it makes you laugh!

[6:59] – Sunlight before screens: an update on how it’s going for both of us and what our mornings look like.

[11:39] – Why it’s important to challenge yourself outside your comfort zone.

[11:52] – My recent crazy travel story that involved snow, ice, and getting stranded overnight at the airport with Micah!

[28:47] – I just recently finished reading Expect Something Good: Finding God’s Good Gifts in Motherhood.

[29:53] – Hear about a new book light that we have loved using!

[31:09] – My new endeavor for 2024: learning to make sourdough from scratch!

[36:14] – I remind listeners of my 10 Weeks of Money-Saving Menus program and a special discount code that you can use!

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