249. The Gift of Limitations (with Sara Hagerty)

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This week, I get to share a conversation I had recently with Sara Hagerty — and it’s one I think you’ll love and be deeply inspired by! I know I was! Sara is the author of  The Gift of Limitations: Finding Beauty in Your Boundaries and I resonated so deeply with her story and this book. In fact, it is my first 5-star read of 2024!

In this episode, Sara and I take a dive into her inspiring journey of facing limitations, from a challenging road to motherhood, 13 years of infertility, adopting four children, birthing 3 unexpected biological children, navigating a wide age range and seven kids, and dealing with chronic illness. Sara shares her wonderful wisdom on how to embrace and find beauty in the roadblocks, unexpected, and limitations of life.

We tackle tough questions and discuss the incredibly transformative power of acknowledging and grieving our limitations. Sara’s insights into incorporating pauses into our daily lives and allowing God to work through our limitations rather than against them spoke deeply to my soul and it’s something I’ve thought of multiple times since this interview. We also chat about the practical steps you can take to navigate the tension of feeling like there’s not enough of you to go around and the importance of trusting God in those moments.

I hope this conversation helps to shift your perspective on limitations and reveal the unexpected gifts that they can bring. There can actually be blessing in boundaries!

In This Episode

[0:35] – I have Sara Hagerty in-studio today to talk about her book The Gift of Limitations!

[2:03] – Sara begins by diving into her journey and her experience with limitations in her life.

[4:03] – Despite chronic illness and years of infertility, Sara discovered God’s presence in the now and urges others to live fully.

[7:06] – Sara discusses how motherhood presents challenges in balancing personal dreams.

[8:43] – How did Sara get to a place where she was able to accept her limitations?

[12:33] – Sara explains that taking a few minutes daily to sit in grief and then into God’s comfort has helped her so much.

[13:41] – Naming and grieving underlying emotions in frustrating moments cultivates patience, easing family dynamics and expectations.

[16:21] – Amid life’s chaos, being present requires addressing underlying narratives through reflective pauses.

[19:47] – The profound question of God’s identity in our lives when one feels inadequate.

[23:48] – Allow God to work through life’s limitations.

[27:50] – Don’t push against limitations might hinder God’s work.

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