252. Silas and Jesse share about their trip to DC

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Silas makes his formal debut on the podcast this week by joining Jesse and me to share about their trip to DC. He’s joined in on a few podcasts in the past when he was much younger and didn’t say much, so I’m excited for you to get to hear more from him now that he’s older and less scared of the microphone. 🙂

Jesse and Silas recount the adventures they had on the 8th grade school trip, including flying Southwest (and winning some vouchers), Arlington, the Holocaust Museum, the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon, Museum of the Bible, the Capitol, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, the White House Visitor’s Center, and more!

You’ll enjoy hearing both of their perspectives on it, what they learned, what was disappointing and surprising, and places they want to return to. They shared some stories and insights I hadn’t yet heard from their trip, so it was really fun for me to sit back and listen — I hope you enjoy it as much we did recording it!

In This Episode

[0:35] – Silas and Jesse are here to recount their recent trip to Washington D.C.!

[2:19] – Jesse admits that this trip was better than Kathrynne’s eighth-grade trip because they flew this time.

[3:18] – Silas won two $50 gift vouchers on the trip!

[4:49] – Jesse highlights getting to know the teens in Silas’s class better and visiting Arlington.

[5:59] – Silas reflects on gaining insights from classmates and highlighted visiting the Museum of the Bible and the Holocaust Museum.

[6:58] – Jesse found it unexpected and intriguing to meet someone who was in the Pentagon during the attack.

[7:43] – Hear Silas go into more detail about the visit to the Holocaust museum and Museum of the Bible, finding the transition from heavy to light.

[11:35] – I mention the personalized experience at the Holocaust Museum and compare it to a memorial in Israel.

[13:20] – Visiting the Capitol and the White House Visitor’s Center.

[16:42] – Was there anything that was disappointing or surprising about the trip?

[20:11] – Silas wants to go back to D.C. but with the whole family.

[21:26] – Jesse found their visit to Mount Vernon intriguing, describing it as a living history experience.

[25:13] – I share some exciting news: I am launching the Simplified Home Checklist, offering daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks for organizing!

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