268. Finding Hope and Forgiveness After Horrific Pain (with Davey Blackburn)

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Welcome back to the show, everyone! I am so thrilled to welcome Davey Blackburn to the show this week! Davey is the author of Nothing Is Wasted: A True Story of Hope, Forgiveness, and Finding Purpose in Pain, and he joins me in the studio to discuss his journey.

Davey’s journey began tragically in 2015 when he lost his wife Amanda and their unborn child to a senseless act of violence, and he offers a raw exploration of grief, forgiveness, and navigating life’s unexpected turns. He candidly discusses his initial rage and the complexities of forgiveness – both of others and himself, taking us through the challenges of rebuilding amidst deep loss, including the unexpected closure of the church he and Amanda founded. Through it all, Davey’s faith remains a guiding light, revealing God’s presence even in the darkest moments.

Davey and I have a conversation about his profound journey towards empathy for those who caused him unimaginable pain, exploring how understanding their stories transformed his perspective on grace and redemption. His insights are a powerful reminder of God’s ability to bring beauty from ashes, reshaping our understanding of suffering and resilience!

I hope that you will join me as Davey opens up about his ministry, Nothing Is Wasted, offering hope and practical guidance for anyone navigating their own pain. I so appreciate his willingness to be so open and vulnerable, and whether you’re grappling with loss, betrayal, or trauma, this episode promises to inspire and encourage you to find purpose in your own journey!


In This Episode

[0:35] – Today, I am interviewing Davey Blackburn, author of Nothing Is Wasted!
[1:08] – Davey, based in Indianapolis, leads Nothing Is Wasted Ministries, aiding those in trauma.
[4:44] – I commend Davey for honestly depicting his rage and struggle with forgiveness
[5:51] – Davey reflects on forgiveness, citing his personal journey and faith in Jesus.
[8:17] – Davey shares his journey of faith and forgiveness after his wife’s tragic murder.
[11:43] – I praise Davey’s compassion toward others, shaped by his understanding of trauma.
[12:45] – Listen as Davey reflects on overcoming biases and finding empathy for those involved in his wife’s murder.
[15:22] – Hearing and understanding others’ stories has helped Davey learn compassion and empathy.
[17:25] – Davey describes forgiving Amanda’s killers and their emotional courtroom interactions.
[21:01] – Davey sheds light on how forgiveness impacted a courtroom encounter, restoring hope and faith.
[23:49] – Davey emphasizes the importance of deep grief and leaning into faith during hardships.
[26:25] – Hear how faith in Jesus brings restoration among life’s challenges.
[29:27] – Davey comments on grappling with life’s paradoxes and finding strength in faith.
[32:35] – We learn about the mission of Nothing Is Wasted and where they can be found online.


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Nothing Is Wasted: A True Story of Hope, Forgiveness, and Finding Purpose in Pain by Davey Blackburn


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