115. Un-hurrying Your Heart with Jennifer Dukes Lee

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In this age of hurry and hustle where so many feel overworked and overwhelmed, is it possible to slow down? Is it possible to be successful and fulfilled in life while living at a slower pace?

What would it take and what would it look like to live in a space of rest with an unhurried heart? In this episode, Jennifer Dukes Lee and I sit down and talk about what being an accidental farmer’s wife has taught her about seasons and the importance of growing slow.

If your heart feels hurried and your calendar feels chaotic, I believe that this episode will serve as a balm to your busy soul.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] Welcome to one of my favorite people and writers, Jennifer Dukes Lee.

[03:45] Learn more about Jennifer, her story, and her family.

[06:15] Let’s talk about what a hurried heart is. Can you have a hurried heart even if you’re not completely overwhelmed with commitments and to do’s? Is it possible that you can also have an unhurried heart even if your plate and calendar are brimming full?

[10:16] Why Jennifer wrote Growing Slow.

[12:55] What was her season of life like when she wrote this book?

[17:16] Jennifer speaks directly to the woman who feels that she is slipping away.

[19:06] What are some of the practices that Jennifer uses to un-hurry her heart?

[24:21] How to start changing your mindset overall.

[26:46] Jennifer talks us through through a practical example of walking through her process.

[28:18] Has she seen true transformation since starting on this journey?

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