121. Bad Attitude? Feeling Frustrated? Try this!

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In light of so many new and unexpected things in our lives recently, Jesse and I are chatting all about how to maintain a positive attitude in difficult seasons.

One of the most important things for me is to focus on how much I am loved by God. Remembering and resting in His love and faithfulness changes my perspective on life. In addition, starting my day with praying over my day and handing my fears and concerns over to the Lord is so helpful.

I also try to steep myself in truth and try to kick out all the lies as they enter my brain and heart. It’s just like what Jon Acuff was talking about on our last episode and curating the Soundtracks in my brain. This has been so helpful in sharing light and life during these times.

Recently, choosing an attitude of gratitude has made such an impact. If I want to feel frustrated by a situation, to instead stop and say, “What can I be grateful for?”

Listen in to hear all six of my recommendations for maintaining a positive attitude during difficult or even just times when you feel zapped of joy in your everyday life.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] My voice is barely hanging on due to allergies and hospital time with Baby D.

[01:44] Jesse and I recently watched a movie together — something we haven’t done in awhile!

[04:43] Jack Carr has a new book out and Jesse is now reading it.

[05:58] I’m reading The Simple Difference by Becky Keife.

[07:56] Bringing life and light to every interaction is saving my life right now.

[09:53] Why we’ve been spending so much time at the hospital these days.

[12:02] The hospital system’s app and centralized portal has been saving Jesse’s life.

[13:02] How to maintain a positive attitude in difficult seasons.

[13:35] One of the things that helps me the most is remembering how much I’m loved by God.

[15:38] It’s also important to me to start my day with prayer and inviting God into the inner workings of my day.

[17:10] I also steep myself in the truth and call out lies when they enter my brain and heart.

[19:56] I’m choosing to practice an attitude of gratitude.

[22:26] Look for the things to be grateful for and you’ll find them.

[24:25] What does Jesse do to refuel and take refuge?

[27:02] Social rest is very important to me as well and helps me to refuel, so I need time with others.

[28:07] I also use flare-prayers when I have overwhelming moments.

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