123. How I Became More Extroverted

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For years, I let the belief that I was shy and introverted hold me back. While on the outside, I might have seemed like I was outgoing in some situations, I was constantly second-guessing and psycho-analyzing everything I did… “Do they like me? Did I disappoint them? Should I have been more outgoing or less outgoing? Are they distancing themself from me? Did I do something?”

It was not until I confronted some big lies I was believing about myself and started understanding and believing how much I was loved by God that I was able to overcome a lot of my lifelong insecurity and start walking in confidence.

Knowing how much I was loved by God meant that I didn’t need to find my worth and validation in others. This allowed me to love much more freely, deeply, and wholeheartedly because it was no longer about what other people thought of me.

In this episode, Jesse and I talk about what this transformation has meant, my commitment to open up our home every single week for an entire year, how this changed our lives, and how I’ve surprised myself by becoming so much more extroverted the last few years.

We also talk about two books we’re reading, a new organization system for Baby D’s medical supplies, and a YouTube show Kierstyn loves.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We are chatting all about how I became more extroverted.

[02:14] The organization system that Jesse put together for Baby D’s medical supplies is saving our lives.

[05:32] Rachel and the Treeschoolers is saving my life because Kierstyn loves it.

[07:16] I’m actually listening to a book and reading a book because I’ve had time to read.

[09:41] Jesse is still reading The Devil’s Hand by Jack Carr.

[12:08] Would Jesse agree that I have become more extroverted?

[13:43] I do still get “peopled out” and need to recharge by being alone.

[16:14] Did insecurity drive her shyness and introversion?

[19:01] God had to change my heart in how I viewed myself.

[21:10] You can’t say you are or aren’t something if you’ve never tried it.

[23:31] I am not the shy and insecure person I once was because I let go of those limiting beliefs.

[25:11] What limiting beliefs are you letting dictate your life?

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