125. Stop Saying “I Can’t”

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So often, when I share about something we’re doing — sticking with a $70 grocery budget, staying out of debt, choosing to save up and pay cash for something, fostering, etc., people will immediately write in and let me know why they can’t do what we’re doing.

Here’s the thing: I don’t share what I do online expecting that everyone is going to do exactly what we’re doing. Foster care might not be a possibility for you. You might be in a situation where a mortgage is a smarter idea than renting and saving up to pay cash. Maybe you live in an area where groceries are most expensive or there aren’t stores with great markdowns.

If you see someone else doing something and your first response is to list the reasons why you can’t do what they are doing, I challenge you to stop saying, “I can’t.” Instead, ask yourself where the resistance is coming from. Is there part of you that feels like you want to cut your grocery bill or get out of debt or pay cash for something or be involved in foster care?

In this episode, we encourage you (and ourselves!) to stop saying, “I can’t” and to ask instead, “What can I do?”

We get really practical in discussing this. Plus, I recount an embarrassing moment to Jesse that happened on a radio interview that day, we discuss his receding hairline, we talk about books we are reading, we get on a rabbit trail about how he and I process things so differently, and I talk about my press-on nails. Yes, all in about 30 minutes. 🙂

In This Episode: 

[00:33] Today, let’s chat about removing “I can’t” from your vocabulary.

[01:21] But first, an embarrassing story about a radio interview I had recently.

[06:25] Thinking and talking is definitely a skill many women can attest to. How about men?

[07:27] Why husbands should and shouldn’t ask what their wives are thinking. 🙂

[08:19] My press on nails are saving my life this week.

[13:38] Listen as I set up Jesse’s life-saving tip for this week.

[15:32] Jesse shares the routine that is now saving his life.

[17:51] I’ve been reading Praying Mom by Brooke McGlothlin.

[20:12] Jesse is reading Cross Shadow by Andrew Huff.

[20:40] Stop saying “I can’t.”

[22:35] Why resistance to change turns into “I can’t” statements.

[24:24] If you’re coming up to the wall but you have a desire, take this challenge.

[25:53] Think of what you can do versus what you can’t.

[27:42] Is your response really “I can’t” or is it “I don’t want to?”

[30:49] Maybe you’re not going to be able to accomplish that big thing, but it may be time for a small change.

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