143. A Love Languages Quiz

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Do you know what your love languages are? Do you know what the love languages are of those close to you? Understanding how people give and receive love can make such a difference in our relationships.

In this podcast, Jesse and I talk about what we’ve learned about love languages over the almost 19 years of marriage + what we learned recently in revisiting this through a Love Languages quiz we took as part of doing a Date Night in a Box recently.

In this podcast, we also give you lots of updates — including a very important broken toilet update (you can totally laugh with us about this!) And we talk about my trip to California, losing my voice before my first speaking in-person speaking event in two years, my birthday, axe throwing, what we’ve been reading, and how I’ve struggled to finish books recently.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to The Crystal Paine Show.

[03:26] – We have discovered the price tag of toilets.

[04:41] – I got a really special birthday gift.

[05:37] – I went to Chino, California and spoke at the Fresh Grounded Faith event.

[08:01] – It was my first night in over 18 months that I didn’t have a baby in the room.

[08:40] – I am speaking at the same type of conference, Fresh Grounded Faith with Jennifer Rothchild this week in IL.

[09:10] – Also, I got to do axe throwing. Which I had never done before.

[10:26] – Jesse do you have any updates for us, on anything, any books you are reading or listening too?

[13:30] – I do have something that is saving my life.

[14:27] – Okay so we are going to talk about love languages today.

[16:10] – This was a hard quiz because it wasn’t multiple choice, it was two options. And you chose which one you related to more.

[17:26] – I think it’s so easy for us to assume that other people feel loved in the same way we do.

[18:41] – Jesse’s love languages are physical touch and gifts.

[19:18] – For me, it is acts of service and words of affirmation.

[21:59] – I think that for sure what has changed is your (Jesse) understanding of how to show me love.

[25:18] – Going out of your way to show someone they are loved is like igniting a little spark to keep the fire of your relationship burning.

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