172. Micah’s Birth Story

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This is the podcast episode so many of you have been waiting for! We not only share about Micah’s birth — which ended up being my easiest, least-eventful, and quickest birth of all of my births — but about some of the unexpected events leading up to the birth and the eventful day of the birth (including a toddler poop explosion and half the family leaving for a baseball tournament!)

Jesse and I didn’t talk about what we were going to share ahead of time, because I wanted this episode to be very raw and unedited so we could have a record of our fresh thoughts about the birth to share with Micah someday when he’s older. So we hope this is like just sitting in our living room and chatting with us as we share our thoughts and feelings and perspectives on this big occasion in our family.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[00:57] We are sharing Micah’s birth story today.

[02:43] – I had multiple sonograms, leading up to the birth and we made the decision for me to be induced.

[04:47] – Jesse and I both prayed a lot in the two weeks leading up to my induction date that I would naturally go into labor.

[04:54] A week before the induction, baby D got really sick.

[09:22] Another reason we prayed I would go early was because of an upcoming tournament.

[11:16] I have a highlight on my Instagram profile about the whole experience before and during called “My Birth”.

[13:54] My hope was for it to be as natural as possible and to be fully present.

[16:36] Always advocate for what you need at the hospital.

[18:40] – I was present, aware of everything that was going on, talking in between contractions.

[19:29] – It felt like natural contractions versus Pitocin contractions. And that was such a gift because in between contractions, there was almost zero pain.

[21:51] I was trying to focus and rely upon the Lord through some intense contractions.

[22:20] Jesse and I joke about the men’s perspective of birth.

[23:27] I still didn’t feel ready to push.

[25:04] My preferred birthing method is always on hands and knees.

[27:20] – It was this surreal moment when he came out because I was thinking, I didn’t feel like he was ready to come out and there he is.

[29:59] – So instead of us admiring our beautiful brand-new baby, we’re trying to figure out what to do about this poop explosion.

[31:20] It was such a wonderful birth experience, especially after a rough pregnancy.

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