24. Parenting a Difficult Child (with Jami Amerine)

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When Jesse and I got married, I tried so hard to fix him. I saw all of his shortcomings, and I wanted to help him be better. Surprise surprise, this caused a lot of tension.

It took a while for me to realize that my job was to focus on myself (and there’s plenty of work to do there) rather than try to change or “fix” other people. This idea goes for our kids, too!

In today’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, I’m talking with Jami Amerine about how easy it is to try to fix our kids and how ineffective and stressful this is as a parent.

Just recently, one of my kids was really frustrated over their grades. While I was trying to ask them questions to figure out the source of their frustration, they blurted out, “But I NEED to get all A’s!”

I stopped and quietly looked them in the eye and said, “Who put that on you?”

As in, where did the feeling that you need to get all A’s originate from? Is that something someone else is making you feel like you have to achieve?

When I talked more with this child, they admitted that it wasn’t us or their siblings or a friend or a teacher; it was their own self. They felt like they weren’t measuring up to a standard they had set for themselves if they didn’t get all A’s.

Mamas, I think most of us have done the same. We’ve created a standard of perfection we feel we must achieve to be a great parent or have a great kid. And if we’re not hitting that self-made standard, we are failing.

But, who put that on you?? While we might sometimes feel like there is pressure from outside sources, in most cases, it’s something we’ve put on ourselves.

And here’s what I want to gently say to you: “You don’t need to carry that any more.”

Lay it down. Let it go.

The sooner you stop trying to live up to an impossible standard, the sooner you’ll start experiencing deep joy and fulfillment in being okay with right where you are.

As I told my child, “So long as you are doing your best, that’s all that matters.”

If you are struggling with parenting or need some encouragement as a mom, you do want to miss today’s episode on the secret to being a more peaceful parent (it will likely surprise you!), the importance of raising your kids to be who they are instead of who we think they should be, and how to love a difficult child.

In This Episode:

[03:26] – What’s saving my life this week is my very favorite Apple battery case. I’m constantly asked about this when I’m with people and I am always singing the praises of it!

[05:21] – My book pick of the week is an oldie but a goodie: Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay.

[09:50] – Today’s guest was actually recommended by a podcast listener and I’m so grateful this listener took the time to write in and recommend Jami Amerine’s book.

[11:56] – I ask Jami about her early years of parenting and how she struggled with perfectionism. She shares honestly about the lessons she learned from this.

[15:17] – How was Jami able to let go of trying to do everything perfectly? She expresses so much wisdom for all of us — but especially for those who still have younger kids.

[19:04] – I was intrigued by the subtitle of Jami’s book and she tells the story behind it and how it wasn’t what she picked… but how we both think it fits so well. 

[23:20] – What is Jami reading right now? I love her outside-the-box answer!

[24:44] – And then she shares how she’s giving up sugar (and also gives us a little teaser about her next book that she’s writing… that I want to read ASAP!)

[27:58] – Today’s listener question is about emotionally adjusting to the reality of giving up being a stay-at-home mom for a new lifestyle.

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